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low power, lipo powered temperature sensor


  • first battery powered device using our stick
  • .. and our new buck-boost converter board !
  • playing around with lipo's and solar modules
  • it's just pretty cool to see the graphs :D


this sensor is sending every minute the current temperature, using the OpenThread stack. informations are forwarded via MQTT, then blown into the an influxdb and visualized via a grafana dashboard.

even without the solar panel, the sensor should be powered with this huge 1100mH LiPo for multiple years.. and with.. yeah, it could life "forever"? ;D

printed a enclosure for this, not really shiny and nice, but works for the start.. =)

as mentioned above, just used some glue to make it "water proof" .. or maybe better "rain proof" ! ^^

solar panel

after some tests we just glued the charging board into the top:

solar panel with charger

here is our new cool RP605 buck-boost converter in action:


the MCP9808 temperature sensor:


literally.. all glued together! =D

all together

and will now just sit here in front of our office window.. ;)

sitting around

.. aaaand finally the graphs! thanks to the beauty and easyness of grafana..

could spend the whole day starring at those graphs.. =D


And as you can see, the battery voltage (yellow), goes UP.. So it charges more than consuming.. pretty cool though!

Downside: temperature gets up, once the sun kisses the sensor. maybe not a black enclosure could help..