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sleepy-btn - super small wireless iot button


  • needed a battery powered button for general purposes =)
  • extending FreeCad skills using the amazing linkstage3-branch
  • just build a cool thingy with our stick as a base to show what its capable of! ;)


  • be as small as possible
  • have a long battery life (multiple years)

In this video we are switching a light with this button in combination with our CC2652RB flush mounted relay

The housing consists of 3 parts. The bottom, top and the pushbutton-plate.

housing housing

The inner part is there to hold the actual button in place and at the right height. The holes/cuts are just to print faster :)

freecad models

To waste as little space as possible we soldered the wires directly to the battery. A battery holder would be too big. Currently we are trying to design a 3D part which will hold the battery and clamp the wires to it!

inner parts inner top inner side

All of the 3D files will be released soon on our github, the software too.