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23. Oct' 2020

Long time no see.. :D

What happened during the last weeks, besides from testing, packing and shipping sticks :)

We got managed to build some tools which will help us and optimize our processes!

  • We are now able to automatically read the tracking-no from the PDFs generated by DHL. And feed them back into Tindie's portal.
  • Invoices and DHL stickers are now printed automatically.
  • I build a small tool which uses OCR to get all the "old" tracking no's from our scanned DHL-invoices and send them via email to you!

Due to another business trip I am planning the next batches and trying to close the shop only a few days!

What does not change? DHL has massive problems.. Tracking is not working properly.. Events are rarely popping up.. Really annoying! Please be patient. Luckily we can track now! ;)

07. Sep' 2020

Nearly all open orders are done! Thanks to all of you for your patience and support!

Preparing the stock again: Another batch of antennas just arrived..

new antennas new antennas

05. Sep' 2020

Yesterdays batch was picked up, just preparing the next..!


Will spend another hour in the post office later on.. :D

04. Sep' 2020

Another batch is getting picked up! We are good on track.. ;)

batch of parcels

02. Sep' 2020

Got many many new and much better envelopes today! The night can start.. Printing, packing and glueing all night long..

destroyed envelopes

01. Sep' 2020

The guy living in my old flat contacted me.. He received another big trash-can full of destroyed and partially empty envelopes. Seems like that nearly half of the shipped parcels (from two shipping waves) were included..

Started talking to my local post office once the first of you received an envelope in really bad condition! Finally, they gave me some coupons and a special offer to add tracking to international shipments! At least for the EU, let's see how far we can get..

Still re-ordering all the envelopes, tracking back to the original orders and testing+repacking those things..

31. Aug' 2020

Finally found a student who will help me (since my colleague is in vacation)!!

29. Aug' 2020

Today we will move to another flat. (Within cologne too) So much to do.. :(


28. Aug' 2020

Today is my brother's 30th birthday! I had to leave to my home-town for this night.


(What a stupid german thing.. not married before 30? Clean your court.. ^^)

20. Aug' 2020

God damn post.. Today I received plenty of destroyed and empty envelopes back!

destroyed envelopes

Some of you guys already mentioned that you received them in nearly the same condition.. Most of the are already re-shipped!

I have to sort those envelopes, test the remaining devices again and see where we get and how fast we can re-pack them!

18. Aug' 2020

Finally arrived back home!

Let the night-shift's begin..

10. Aug' 2020

New devices arrived!

lots of sticks

8 Parcels with lots of sticks.. Let's start testing