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heating-controller - TRQ21 replacement


  • tired of switching the heater every day on and off manually..
  • build KiCad skills
  • extend FreeCad skills (PCB import, part-models and the enclosure)


  • wife-approved

Do you have a similar heating-controller?


  • CC2652 stick
  • FRAM (for configuration)
  • RTC
  • Digital-to-Analog converter (0-20 V)
  • Flash (for OTA updates)
  • APA102 RGB LED
  • (optional) there's a possibility for a LCD display

heating-control bottom

heating-control top

enclosure top

enclosure bottom

Replaced this beauty here .. ;D


finally the PCB's arrived and I tested the first one:

pcb top

pcb bottom

It's working great.. had to fine-tune the regulation, but its so cool!

Build a super easy and ugly flutter app to control it.. So even my wife is able to control it!! ;)